4. Working under Windows

If you are using Windows you have to install Cygwin or a similar program to simulate Linux to be able to install the programs used in writing. This chapter will tell you how to install Cygwin on Windows and what packages needed to work on the GIMP manual.

The first thing to do is downloading the setup.exe from http://www.cygwin.com/ and save it on your computer. You need this program every time you have to do changes in Cygwin, so save it on a place easily to find, e.g. D:/cygwin/cygwin.exe.

Open the program setup.exe by double-clicking on it. This will open the start window. Click on the Next button to open a window where you have to choose how to install Cygwin. The default setting is Install from Internet. This means that the downloaded files will be saved on your computer before the files will be used to install Cygwin. This is the easiest way to do it.

In the next window you have to choose where to install Cygwin on your computer. The default is C:\cygwin which is a good choice. Normally you also choose the installation for all users.

If you marked the Download without Installing in the previous window you will instead get a window where you determines where to save the files. This window will be the next window if you install from internet.

The next window is how the computer is connected to internet. Normally you choose the default setting.

In the window Choose A Download Site you will find lots of sites to download from. You may choose any of those starting with http://, but it is a good rule to select one near you. The installation program makes a folder with the same name as the site you downloads from. If you change site, all the previous downloads will be downloaded again in the new folder. That is not a problem. Normally the program remember the last site used the next time you open it.

The next window lists all package categories available in Cygwin. A package contains programs or program parts to be used in Cygwin. You do not need all of them. As you see, every category is followed by a symbol and the word Default. This means that the installer will only load the packages necessary to run a minimum version of Cygwin. So go on and press the Next button and admire the progress of the downloading in the next window.

When downloading and installing is finished your copy of Cygwin is ready to be adapted to GIMP.

4.1. Adapting Cygwin to use with GIMP documentation tools

I am not able to guarantee that the procedure described here will work for you. It is a resume of the way I did it. Tested on Windows XP and Windows 7.

To be sure that Cygwin will use your language and the char code used in GIMP documentation I changed the batch file used to open Cygwin. (After saving a copy of the original batch file.) If you used the default installation you will find the batch file in C:/cygwin/Cygwin.bat. Rewrite the batch file to

          @echo off
          chdir C:\cygwin\bin
          set LANG=[language-code].UTF-8
          bash --login -i  

If you have put Cygwin in another location than the default, you have to write the new path instead of C:\cygwin\bin above. You may find your language code in http://gcc.gnu.org/onlinedocs/libstdc++/manual/localization.html.

Then you are ready for the next step. Open cygwin/startup.exe and click on Next until you reach the package window. You need the following packages:

            Devel/automake 1.12

The first package to be installed is the automake 1.12 in the Devel category. Click on the + mark in front of the category's name (Devel) to open the package list. Search down the rightmost column to find the package name automake 1.12. Click once on the word Skip. The text will change to 1.12.3-1 which is the version number for the chosen package. Do the same with the other packages in the list above. Some packages will be marked Keep instead of Skip . This means that these packages already are installed. Do not alter these settings unless you know for certain that this package should be deleted, or reloaded, or something else.

When you have marked all packages to be added to Cygwin you press Next. You will then be told that the packages you selected needs some additional packages. Accept this. When you reaches the end of the updating, your Cygwin copy is ready for all that stuff mentioned in the start of this side.

Some packages, especially those needed for PDF, can't be found with setup.exe. You can try installing them from sources. You can use "wget url-to-the-package" to download the wanted package, but, as you have to know the url, the best way is browsing the web under Windows; download the package (usually a .tar.gz file) and copy-paste into the Cygwin folder.

Then run tar -xvzf your-package to decompress the package.

Go into the new folder and read the INSTALL file for instructions about installation.

[Bilješka] Bilješka

pngnq cannot be installed from sources under Cygwin (dark problems with the libz library).

If you run into problems as mysterious error messages and so one, feel free to ask for help on the mailing list mentioned on the top of this page.