4.3.  Document History Dialog

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Figure 13.47.  Document History dialog

Document History dialog

The History Dialog displays the list of the documents you have opened in previous sessions. It is more complete than the list you get with the “Open Recent” command.

Denne dialogen opnar ei liste over dokument, dvs. bilete, du har opna tidlegare. Denne loggen er fyldigare enn den du får frå “Sist opna filer” i verktøyskrinet.

4.3.1.  Activate Dialog

You can access to this dialog in different ways:

  • From the toolbox-menu and the image Menu bar: FileOpen RecentDocument History

  • From the image Menu-bar: DialogsDocument History

4.3.2.  Options

The scroll bar allows you to browse all images you have opened before.

The Open the selected entry button allows you to open the image you have selected. With "Shift" key pressed, it raises an image hidden behind others. With "Ctrl" key pressed, it opens the Open Image dialog.

The Remove the selected entry button allows you to remove an image from the History dialog. The image is removed from the recently open images list also. But the image itself is not deleted.

The Recreate Preview button updates preview in case of change. With "Shift" key pressed, it acts on all previews. With "Ctrl" key pressed, previews that can't be found out are deleted.