5.4.  Error Console

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The Error console offers more possibilities than the single “GIMP Message”. This is a log of all errors occuring while GIMP is running. You can save all this log or only a selected part.

5.4.1.  Activate Dialog

You can access to this dialog in different ways:

  • You will find this command in the toolbox menu bar through FileDialogsError Console,

  • But also from the image menu : DialogsDevice Status.

  • Or from the Tab menu in any dialog : Add a dockDevice Status.

5.4.2.  The “Error Console” Dialog

Figure 13.77.  Error Console” Dialog window

Error Console Dialog window

Clear errors

This button lets you delete all errors in the log.

[Warning] Warning

You can't “undo” this action.

Save all errors

This button lets you save the whole log. You can also select a part of the log (by click-and-dragging the mouse pointer or by using the Shift-Arrow keys key combination) and save only this selected part by pressing the Shift key.

A dialog window Save Error Log to File lets you choose the name and the destination directory of this file:

Figure 13.78.  Save Error Log to file” Dialog window

Save Error Log to file Dialog window

[Tip] Tip

You will as well find these button actions in the dialog sub-menu by clicking on .