5.4.  Open Location

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The Open Location dialog lets you load an image from a network location, specified by a URI, in any of the formats that GIMP supports, or from a path to your hard disk or any drive. The default directory name is /home/<username>/ on Linux and C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\My Documents\My Images\ on Windows, which is used as the base of the relative address. You can also enter an absolute path.

[Tip] Tip

When you are visiting an Internet site, you can right-click on an image and choose “Copy link address” in the drop-down menu. Then paste it in the “Open Location” dialog to open it in GIMP.

5.4.1.  Activating the Command

  • You can access this command from the Toolbox menubar or the image menubar through FileOpen Location.

5.4.2.  Description of the dialog window

Figure 14.28.  The “Open Location” dialog window

The Open Location dialog window