5.  Color Tools

5.1.  Color Balance Tool

The color balance tool modifies the color balance of the active selection or layer.

5.1.1.  Activate Tool

You can get to the Color balance tool in several ways :

  • In the the image-menu through: ToolsColor ToolsColor Balance

  • By clicking the tool icon: in Toolbox, provided that you have installed color tools in Toolbox. For this, go to Tools Dialog.

5.1.2.  Options

Figure 12.64.  Color Balance options

Color Balance options

Select range to modify

Selecting one of these options will restrict the range of colors which are changed with the sliders or input boxes for Shadows, Midtones and Highlights.

Modify selected range's color levels

Sliders and input boxes allow to select colors weights.

Initialize range

This button sets color levels of the selected range back to zero.

Preserve Luminosity

This option ensures that brightness of the active layer or selection is maintained.


The Preview checkbox toggles dynamic image updating. If this option is on, any change made to the RGB levels are immediately seen on the active selection or layer.