3.2.  The Module Manager

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With the Module Manager command, you can show the various extension modules which are available and control which of them should be loaded. Modules perform functions such as choosing colors and display filtering. Any changes you make to the settings with the Module Manager command will take effect the next time you start GIMP. These changes affect GIMP's functional capabilities, its size in memory and its startup time.

3.2.1.  Activating the Command

  • You can access this command from the toolbox menubar through XtnsModule Manager

3.2.2.  Description of the “Module Manager” Dialog

Figure 14.9.  The “Module Manager” dialog window

The Module Manager dialog window

The scrolled window of the Module Manager shows the loadable modules. You can click on the boxes in the Autoload column to check or uncheck them. The directory path for each module is shown in the Module path column. Information about the selected module is displayed at the bottom of the dialog.