9.2.  FlareFX

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9.2.1.  Overview

Figure 15.114.  Example for the FlareFX filter

Example for the FlareFX filter

Original image

Example for the FlareFX filter

Filter “FlareFX” applied

You can find this filter through FiltersLight EffectsFlareFX

This filter gives the impression that sun hit the objective when taking a shot. You can locate the reflection with a reticule you can move, but you have not the possibilities that Gflare filter offers.

9.2.2.  Options

Figure 15.115.  FlareFX” filter options

FlareFX filter options


Parameter setting results are interactively displayed in preview. Scroll bars allow you to move around the image.

Parameters setting

  • Center of FlareFX: You can set there X and Y (pixels) coordinates of glint. The coordinate origin is at upper left corner.

  • Show cursor: When this option is checked, a reticule appears in preview and you can move it with mouse pointer to locate center of flareX.

Cursor display

The mouse cursor, which looks like a cross when it moves over the preview, lets you locate the filter effect even without the reticule.