5.6.  Sobel

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5.6.1.  Overview

Figure 15.88.  Applying example of the Sobel filter

Applying example of the Sobel filter

Original image

Applying example of the Sobel filter

Filter “Sobel” applied

You can find this filter through FiltersEdge detectSobel.

Sobel's filter detects horizontal and vertical edges separately on a scaled image. Color images are turned into RGB scaled images. As with the Laplace filter, the result is a transparent image with black lines and some rest of colors.

5.6.2.  Options

Figure 15.89.  Sobel filter options

Sobel filter options

Parameters Settings
  • Sobel Horizontally: Renders near horizontal edges.

  • Sobel Vertically: Renders near vertical edges.

  • Keep sign of result: This option works when only one direction is selected: it gives a flat relief with bumps and hollows to the image.