View — Key reference for View menu




Main Menu

Shift+ F10, right click

Drop-down Menu


Toggle fullscreen

Shift+ Q

Toggle quickmask

Ctrl+ W

Close document window

[Note] Note

Menus can also be activated by Alt with the letter underscored in the menu name.



Zoom in


Zoom out


Zoom 1:1

Ctrl+ E

Shrink wrap

Shift+ Ctrl+ E

Fit image in window

Shift+ mouse wheel


[Note] Note

This fits the windows to the image size.

Scrolling (panning)

Ctrl+ arrows

Scroll canvas

middle button drag

Scroll canvas

mouse wheel

Scroll canvas vertically

Ctrl+ mouse wheel

Scroll canvas horizontally

[Note] Note

Scrolling by keys is accelerated, i.e. it speeds up when you press Shift+arrows, or jumps to the borders with Ctrl+arrows.

Rulers and Guides

mouse drag

Drag off a ruler to create guide

Ctrl+ mouse drag

Drag a sample point out of the rulers

Shift+ Ctrl+ R

Toggle rulers

Shift+ Ctrl+ T

Toggle guides

[Note] Note

Drag off the horizontal or vertical ruler to create a new guideline. Drag a guideline onto the ruler to delete it.