7.14.  Rounded Rectangle

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The “Rounded Rectangle” Script-Fu command converts an existing selection (rectangular, elliptical or other shape) into a rectangular selection with rounded corners. The corners can be curved toward the inside (concave) or toward the outside (convex). To do this, the command adds or removes circles at the corners of the selection.

7.14.1.  Activating the Command

  • You can access this command from the image menubar through SelectRounded Rectangle.

7.14.2.  Description of the “Rounded Rectangle” Dialog Window Descripción de la ventana del diálogo “Rectángulo redondeado

Figure 14.45.  The “Rounded Rectangle” dialog

The Rounded Rectangle dialog

Radius (%)

You can enter the radius of the rounded corner in percent by using a slider or a text field. This value is a percentage of the height or the width, whichever is less.


If you check this box, the corners will be concave (curving toward the inside), rather than convex (curving toward the outside).