5.6.  Pointer Dialog

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Figure 14.75.  Pointer dialog

Pointer dialog

This dialog offers you, in a same window, in real time, the position of the mouse pointer, and the channel values of the pointed pixel, in the chosen color model.

5.6.1.  Activate Dialog

The “Pointer” dialog is dockable. Read Section 2.3, “ Dialogs and Docking to learn more about the concept of dockability. You can access to this dialog in different ways:

  • From the toolbox-menu and the image Menu bar: FileDialogsPointer

  • From the image Menu-bar: DialogsPointer

5.6.2.  Pointer” dialog options

As in every dialog that contains preview icons, you can control the preview images in the tab menu. To get more informations about that topic read Section 2.3, “ Dialogs and Docking.

  • Pixels: shows the position of the pointed pixel, in X (horizontal) and Y (vertical) coordinates, stated in pixels from the origin (the upper left corner of canvas).

  • Units: Shows the distance from the origin, in inches.

  • Left drop-down list: defaults to “Pixel” and shows the RGB channel values. You can choose another color model.

  • Right drop-down list: defaults to RGB and shows percentage values. You can choose another color model. “Hex” is the HTML Notation of the pixel color, in hexadecimal.

  • Sample Merged: this option, checked by default, if enabled shows pixel values for all visible layers as they were merged together. If it's not checked, only values of the active layer will be shown.