3.15.  Dodge or Burn

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Figure 13.82.  Dodge tool

Dodge tool

The Dodge or Burn tool uses the current brush to lighten or darken the colors in your image. The mode will determine which type of pixels are affected.

3.15.1.  Activate the Tool

There are different possibilities to activate the tool:

  • From the image-menu: ToolsPaint ToolsDodge / Burn.

  • The Tool can also be called by clicking the tool icon:

  • or by using the Shift+D keyboard shortcut.

3.15.2.  Key modifiers (Defaults)


Toggle between dodge or burn types. The type will remain switched until Ctrl is released.


Shift places the Dodge or Burn tool into straight line mode. Holding Shift while clicking Button1 will Dodge or Burn in a straight line. Consecutive clicks will continue Dodge or Burn in straight lines that originate from the end of the last line.

3.15.3.  Options

Figure 13.83.  Dodge/Burn” tool options

Dodge/Burn tool options


The available tool options for the Dodge or Burn Tool can be accessed by double clicking the Dodge or Burn Tool icon.

Opacity; Brush; Scale; Pressure sensibility; Fade out; Apply Jitter, Hard edges
[Note] Note

See the Brush Tools Overview for a description of tool options that apply to many or all brush tools.


The dodge effect lightens colors.

The burn effect darkens colors.


There are three modes:

  • Shadows restricts the effect to darkest pixels.

  • Midtones restricts the effect to pixels of average tone.

  • Highlights restricts the effect to lightest pixels.


Exposure defines how much the tool effect will be strong, as a more or less exposed photograph. Default slider is 50 but can vary from 0 to 100.