11.12.  Checkerboard

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11.12.1.  Overview

Figure 16.264.  Example for the Checkerboard filter

Example for the Checkerboard filter

Filter “Checkerboard” applied

Example for the Checkerboard filter

Psychobilly “Checkerboard

This filter creates a checkerboard pattern replacing the current layer content. Colors used for pattern are current Fore- and Back ground colors of toolbox.

11.12.2.  Starting filter

You can find this filter in the image menu through FiltersRenderPatternCheckerboard

11.12.3.  Options

Figure 16.265.  Checkerboard” filter options

Checkerboard filter options


This option gives an eiderdown look to the Checkerboard.


With this option, you can set checkerboard square size, in pixels, or in your chosen unit by using the drop-down list.