7.6.  Supernova

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7.6.1.  Overview

Figure 16.85.  Applying example for the Supernova filter

Applying example for the Supernova filter

Original image

Applying example for the Supernova filter

Filter “Supernova” applied

This filter creates a big star reminding a super-nova. It works with RGB and GRAY images. Light effect decreases according to 1/r where r is the distance from star center.

7.6.2.  Activate the filter

This filter is found in the image window menu under FiltersLight and ShadowSupernova.

7.6.3.  Parameter Settings

Figure 16.86.  Supernova” filter options

Supernova filter options


Parameter setting results are interactively displayed in preview. Scroll bars allow you to move around the image.

Center of SuperNova
  • X, Y: You can use input boxes to set horizontal (X) and vertical (Y) coordinates of SuperNova center. You can also click the SuperNova center in the preview box.

    [Tip] Tip

    To center Supernova precisely, select “Percent” option in the Unit dropdown list and fix X and Y to 50%.

  • Show Cursor: This option brings up a reticle in preview, centered on the SuperNova.


When you click on the color swatch, you bring up the usual color selector.


This is radius of the SuperNova center (1-100). When you increase the value, you increase the number of central white pixels according to r*r (1, 4, 9...).


This is number of rays (1-1024). Each pixel in the nova center emit one pixel wide rays. All these rays are more or less superimposed resulting in this glittering effect you get when you move this slider.

Random Hue

Colours rays at random. (0-360) value seems to be a range in HSV color circle.