9.12.  Oilify

9.12.1.  Overview

Figure 16.198.  Example for the “Oilify” filter

Example for the Oilify filter

Original image

Example for the Oilify filter

Filter “Oilify” applied

This filter makes the image look like an oil painting. The Mask Size controls the outcome: a high value gives the image less detail, as if you had used a larger brush.

[Tip] Tip

The GIMPressionist filter can produce similar effects, but allows a much wider variety of options.

9.12.2.  Activate the filter

This filter is found in the image menu through FiltersArtisticOilify...

9.12.3.  Options

Figure 16.199.  Oilify” filter options

Oilify filter options

Mask Size

Mask Size selects the size of the brush mask used to paint the oily render. Larger values here produce an oilier render.

Use Intensity Algorithm

Use Intensity Algorithm changes the mode of operation to help preserve detail and coloring.