8.17.  Waves

8.17.1.  Overview

Figure 16.151.  Example for the Waves filter

Example for the Waves filter

Original image

Example for the Waves filter

Filter “Waves” applied

You can find this filter through FiltersDistortsWaves.

With this filter you get the same effect as a stone thrown in a quiet pond, giving concentric waves.

8.17.2.  Options

Figure 16.152.  Waves” filter options

Waves filter options


All your setting changes will appear in the Preview without affecting the image until you click on OK. Don't keep Do Preview checked if your computer is too much slow.

  • Smear: Because of the waves, areas are rendered empty on sides. The adjacent pixels will spread to fill them.

  • Blacken: The empty areas will be filled by black color.


Reflective: Waves bounce on sides and interfere with the arriving ones.


Amplitude: Varies the height of waves.


Phase: This command shifts the top of waves.


Wavelength: Varies the distance between the top of waves.