2. Uso de guiones Script-Fu

2.1. ¿Qué es Script-Fu?

Script-Fu is what the Windows world would call "macros" But Script-Fu is more powerful than that. Script-Fu is based on an interpreting language called Scheme, and works by using querying functions to the GIMP database. You can do all kinds of things with Script-Fu, but an ordinary GIMP user will probably use it for automating things that:

  • Ud. realiza con frecuencia.

  • Son realmente complicadas de hacer, y difíciles de recordar.

Remember that you can do a whole lot with Script-Fu. The scripts that come with GIMP can be quite useful, but they can also serve as models for learning Script-Fu, or at least as a framework and source of modification when you make your own script. Read the Script-Fu Tutorial in the next section if you want to learn more about how to make scripts.

En este capítulo se describen algunos de los guiones más útiles, pero no todos. Simplemente porque hay demasiados guiones. Algunos de ellos son tan simples que ni siquiera necesitará valerse de documentación para poder utilizarlos.

Script-Fu (a dialect of Scheme) isn't the only scripting language available for GIMP. But Script-Fu is the only scripting language that is installed by default. Other available scripting extensions are Perl and Tcl. You can download and install both extensions at the GIMP Plugin Registry [GIMP-REGISTRY].