4.9. Voltear

Figura 13.123. Flip tool

Flip tool

The Flip tool provides the ability to flip layers or selections either horizontally or vertically. When a selection is flipped, a new layer with a Floating Selection is created. You can use this tool to create reflections.

4.9.1. Activating the Tool

You can access to the Flip Tool in different ways:

  • From the image menu bar Tools/ Transform Tools Flip,

  • By clicking the tool icon: in Toolbox,

  • by using the Shift+F key combination.

4.9.2. Key modifiers (Defaults)


Ctrl lets you change the modes between horizontal and vertical flipping.

4.9.3. Opciones

Figura 13.124. Flip Tool Options

“Flip Tool” Options

Normally, tool options are displayed in a window attached under the Toolbox as soon as you activate a tool. If they are not, you can access them from the image menu bar through WindowsDockable WindowsTool Options which opens the option window of the selected tool.

[Nota] Nota

These options are described in Transform tools common options.

Flip Type

The Tool Toggle settings control flipping in either a Horizontal or Vertical direction. This toggle can also be switched using a key modifier.