3.14. Herramienta para borronear

Figura 13.88. La herramienta para borronear

La herramienta para borronear

Esta herramienta utiliza la brocha actual para borronear los colores de la capa activa, o de la selección. Va tomando los colores al pasar y los mezcla con los próximos colores que encuentra en su camino, a una distancia que se puede determinar.

3.14.1. Activating the Tool

You can find the Smudge tool in various ways :

  • through ToolsPaint ToolsSmudge. in the image menu,

  • by clicking on the tool icon: in Toolbox,

  • O presionando la tecla S del teclado.

3.14.2. Key modifiers (Defaults)


The Shift key places the smudge tool into straight line mode. Holding Shift while clicking Button1 will smudge in a straight line. Consecutive clicks will continue smudging in straight lines that originate from the end of the last line.


Using Ctrl with Shift, you can constrain the angle between two successive lines to vary by steps of 15°.

3.14.3. Options

Figura 13.89. La herramienta para borronear en la caja de herramientas

La herramienta para borronear en la caja de herramientas

Normally, tool options are displayed in a window attached under the Toolbox as soon as you activate a tool. If they are not, you can access them from the image menu bar through WindowsDockable WindowsTool Options which opens the option window of the selected tool.

Opacity; Brush; Scale; Brush Dynamics; Fade out; Apply Jitter; Hard edges; Rate
See the Common Paint Tool Options for a description of tool options that apply to many or all paint tools.