16.18. Neon

16.18.1. Overview

Figura 16.383. Example for the Neon filter

Example for the “Neon” filter

Neon applied


It is derived from the Neon Script-Fu script (FileCreateLogosNeon in the image window), which creates a text effect that simulates neon lighting:

The filter uses two layers to achieve the neon effect:

Figura 16.384. The Neon effect

The Neon effect

The Neon Tubes layer

The Neon effect

The Neon Glow layer

The layer Neon Tubes is the active layer the filter is applied to. The content of this layer doesn't matter. Only the alpha channel does, especially its shape.

[Aviso] Aviso

Activar el filtro

The Neon Glow layer below contains the glowing of the neon light.

Optional a Shadow layer is created below, containing a drop shadow in the same shape of the active layer's alpha channel. At the bottom a new Background layer is created filled with the Background color.

Overview of the Neon filter layers:

16.18.2. Activate the filter

You can find this filter in the image window menu under FiltersAlpha to LogoNeon.

16.18.3. Options

Figura 16.385. Neon options

“Neon” options

Effect size (pixels * 5)


The color of the background layer added by the filter. When you click on the color button, a color select dialog pops up.

This is the color used to fill the Background layer; it defaults to black. When you click on the color swatch button, you can choose any other color in the color selector dialog.



Create shadow


Neon with shadow