2. Использование скриптов Script-Fu

2.1. Скрипт-Фу?

Script-Fu is what the Windows world would call "macros" But Script-Fu is more powerful than that. Script-Fu is based on an interpreting language called Scheme, and works by using querying functions to the GIMP database. You can do all kinds of things with Script-Fu, but an ordinary GIMP user will probably use it for automating things that:

  • Часто производимые операции.

  • Действительно сложные и трудные для запоминания операции.

Remember that you can do a whole lot with Script-Fu. The scripts that come with GIMP can be quite useful, but they can also serve as models for learning Script-Fu, or at least as a framework and source of modification when you make your own script. Read the Script-Fu Tutorial in the next section if you want to learn more about how to make scripts.

В этой главе мы опишем некоторые из наиболее полезных скриптов, но мы не будем рассматривать все. Просто доступно слишком много скриптов. Некоторые из скриптов также очень просты, и вам вероятно не понадобится никакой документации для обучения их использованию.

Script-Fu (a dialect of Scheme) isn't the only scripting language available for GIMP. But Script-Fu is the only scripting language that is installed by default. Other available scripting extensions are Perl and Tcl. You can download and install both extensions at the GIMP Plugin Registry [GIMP-REGISTRY].