7.2. Создать слой

The New Layer command adds a new, empty layer to the layer stack of the image, just above the active layer. The command displays a dialog in which you can specify the size of the new layer.

7.2.1. Активация команды

  • You can access this command from the image menubar through LayerNew Layer.

7.2.2. Description of the «New Layer» Dialog

Рисунок 15.90. The «New Layer» dialog

The «New Layer» dialog

Under the title «Create a new layer» you can see the name of the image for that you create this new layer and next to the title a thumbnail of it. That is interesting to see if you have selected the good image when there is more than one image open.

Имя слоя

The name of the new layer. It does not have any functional significance; it is simply a convenient way for you to remember the purpose of the layer. The default name is «New Layer». If a layer with the name you choose already exists, a number is automatically appended to it to make it unique (e.g., «New Layer#1») when you click on the OK button.

Width; Height

The dimensions of the new layer. When the dialog appears, the values are initialized to the dimensions of the image. You can change them by using the two text boxes. You can also change the units in the pull-down menu to the right.

Тип заливки слоя

There are four options for the solid color that fills the layer: the current Foreground color, the current Background color, White and Transparency.