5. Color Tools

5.1. Overview

图 14.139. The Color tools in the Tools menu

The Color tools in the Tools menu

Access to the Color tools through the classical Tools menu.

图 14.140. The Color tools in the Colors menu

The Color tools in the Colors menu

Access through the Colors menu is easier and faster.

With the Color tools you can manipulate image colors in several ways:

5.1.1. Color Tool Presets

Except Desaturate and Posterize, color tools have presets: saved tool settings that you can retrieve later.

Three elements:

  • Presets: this drop-down list shows you the existing presets. Every time you change tool settings, a new preset is automatically saved, with date and hour; you must be aware of that, to preserve your computer memory.

  • The cross: clicking on this cross opens a window where you can save current settings under the name you want.

  • The small triangle: clicking on this triangle opens a small menu:

    Three options:

    • Import settings from file

    • Export settings to file

    • Manage settings