9.2. Creating a brush quickly

Two methods to create a new brush easily:

  1. First, the superfast method. You have an image area you want make a brush from it, to be used with a tool like pencil, airbrush... Select it with the rectangular (or elliptical) select tool, then do a Copy of this selection and immediately you can see this copy in the first position of the Brush Dialog, and its name is Clipboard. It is immediately usable.

    图 7.21. Selection becomes a brush after copying

    Selection becomes a brush after copying

  2. The second method is more elaborate.

    Do FileNew with, for example, a width and a length of 35 pixels and in the advanced options a Color Space in Gray Level and Fill with: white.

    Zoom on this new image to enlarge it and draw on it with a black pencil.

    Save it with a .gbr extension in the directory /home/name_of_user/.gimp-2.8/brushes/.

    In the Brushes dialog window, click on the button Refresh brushes .

    And your marvellous brush appears right in the middle of the other brushes. You can use it immediately, without starting GIMP again.

    图 7.22. Steps to create a brush

    Steps to create a brush

    Draw image, save as brush

    Steps to create a brush

    Refresh brushes

    Steps to create a brush

    Use the brush