11.14. Softglow (legacy)

11.14.1. Overview

Pav. 17.234. Example for the SoftGlow (legacy) filter

Example for the „SoftGlow (legacy)“ filter

Original image

Example for the „SoftGlow (legacy)“ filter

Filter Softglow (legacy) applied

This filter lights the image with a soft glow, like the old trick smearing vaseline on the lens. Softglow (legacy) produces this effect by making bright areas of the image brighter.

11.14.2. Activating the Filter

This filter is found in the image window menu under FiltersArtisticSoftglow….

11.14.3. Options

Pav. 17.235. Softglow filter options

„Softglow“ filter options


Your changes are displayed in this preview before being applied to your image.

Glow radius

The glow radius parameter controls the sharpness of the effect, giving a "vaseline-on-the-lens" effect.


The brightness parameter controls the degree of intensification applied to image highlights.


The sharpness parameter controls how defined or alternatively diffuse the glow effect should be.