5.4. Engrave

5.4.1. Overview

Slika 17.58. Example for the Engrave filter

Example for the “Engrave” filter

Original image

Example for the “Engrave” filter

Engrave applied

This filter produces an engraving effect: the image is turned black and white and some horizontal lines of varying height are drawn depending on the value of underlying pixels. The resulting effect reminds of engravings found in coins and old book illustrations.

[Bilješka] Bilješka

The Engrave filter operates only on floating selections and layers with an alpha channel. If the active layer does not have an alpha channel please add it first.

5.4.2. Activating the filter

This filter is found in the image window menu under FiltersDistortsEngrave….

5.4.3. Options

Slika 17.59. Engrave options

“Engrave” options

Presets, Preview, Split view
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These options are described in Odjeljak 2, “Common Features”.


This option specifies the height of the engraving lines. The value goes from 2 to 16.

Limit line width

If this option is enabled thin lines are not drawn on contiguous color areas. See the figure below for an example of this option result.

Slika 17.60. Example result of Limit line width option

Example result of Limit line width option

Original image

Example result of Limit line width option

Limit line width option enabled

Example result of Limit line width option

Limit line width option disabled


The result of this filter can be larger than the original image. With the default Adjust option, the layer will be automatically resized as necessary when the filter is applied. With the Clip option the result will be clipped to the layer boundary.