10.17.  The “Colors” Submenu

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Figure 14.81.  The “Colors” submenu

The Colors submenu

The Colors submenu contains operations which alter colors within the active layer. The operations at the top of the list access the Color tools for the image. These are described in the Toolbox chapter.

[Warning] Warning

This command operates only on the layer which is active at the time the command is called. Even after you make another layer the active layer, the operation continues to affect the layer on which you performed the command.

10.17.1.  Activating the submenu

  • You can access this submenu from the image menubar through LayerColors.

10.17.2.  Contents of the “Colors” Submenu

In addition to the menu items relating to the color tools which are at the top of the list, the Colors submenu contains the following menu items: