15.20.  Starburst

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15.20.1.  Overview

Figure 16.346.  Example for the “Starburst” filter

Example for the Starburst filter

Starburst” applied

This filter fills the active layer's alpha with a starburst gradient and adds a shadow.

It is derived from the “Starburst” script-fu (XtnsLogoStarburst in the toolbox), which creates a logo from a text.

You can use this filter to create shapes filled with the above starburst motif:

Figure 16.347.  Starburst script and filter

Starburst script and filter

The “Starburst” Script-Fu script

Starburst script and filter

The “Starburst” filter

This filter uses four layers (three of them will be created by the filter):

Layers after applying the “Starburst” filter

  • The “Burst” layer contains the bursting star, created by the Supernova filter.

  • The active layer was named layer #2 in the example above. It has been filled with the “Crackpattern, so the content of this layer doesn't matter. Only the active layer's alpha channel does.

    [Warning] Warning

    The image will always be resized to the active layer's size.

  • The “Shadow” layer contains a drop shadow in the same shape but slightly extended size of the active layer's alpha channel.

  • The “Background” layer: this is a new layer filled with the Background color.

15.20.2.  Activate the filter

You can find this filter in the image window menu under FiltersAlpha to LogoStarburst.

15.20.3.  Options

Figure 16.348.  Starburst” options

Starburst options

Effect size (pixels * 30)

Just ignore this option. It's nonsense.[12]

Burst color

This color will be passed to the Supernova filter as the color of the bursting star; it defaults to green. A click on the color swatch button brings up the color selector, where you can choose another color.

Background color

This is the color used to fill the “Background” layer; it defaults to white. When you click on the button, you may choose any other color in the color selector dialog.

[12] This is actually the font size option of the Starburst Script-Fu script. You can still use it to vary the offset (size) of the lower right shadow, though: “effect size” * 0.03.