2.5. Sending your files

When your files are ready:

You don't have a GNOME account

if you don't have a GNOME account, you must find a correspondent who accepts to "push" files for you; that will not be difficult if you send a message to the list. Either you send your xml files and the attached images in a compressed file, (in a tree reproducing that of the src and images folders if you send several files to make your correspondent's task easier), or you send a "patch" that you have to create.

Before creating a patch, you have to get all your xml files and images in the index. Being in the gimp-help folder, do git status. If you have files in the Untracked files section, run git add -A.

Then run diff --full-index --binary origine > name-of-the-patch to create the patch.

You have a GNOME account

All being well, you know how to manage Git. There are many tutorials for that on the Web.

A common workflow is:

- make validate-en

- git status

- git stash

- git pull

- git status

- git stash apply

- Eventually, fix conflicts

- git add -A

- git status

- git commit -m "a message"

- git push