7.41. Subtract Alpha from Selection

The Subtract Alpha from Selection command creates a selection in the current layer from the Alpha Channel. Opaque pixels are fully selected, transparent pixels are unselected, and translucent pixels are partially selected. This selection is subtracted from the existing selection. The Alpha channel itself is not changed.

7.41.1. コマンドの呼び出し方

  • You can access this command from the main menu through LayerTransparencySubtract Alpha from Selection.

7.41.2. 使用例

図16.110 Applying Subtract Alpha from Selection

Applying 「Subtract Alpha from Selection」
Applying 「Subtract Alpha from Selection」

もとからあった矩形の選択範囲から、 活性レイヤーの不透明な画素から生成された選択範囲が引かれる。