16.3. Burn-In

16.3.1. Overview

Slika 17.416.  Example for the Burn-In filter: original image

Example for the “Burn-In” filter: original image

Opaque background layer and foreground layer with transparency

Slika 17.417.  Example for the Burn-In filter: filter applied

Example for the “Burn-In” filter: filter applied

Resulting image with 8 frames (depending on size and speed)

16.3.2. Activating the Filter

This filter is found in the main menu under FiltersAnimationBurn-In….

16.3.3. Options

Slika 17.418. Burn-In options

“Burn-In” options

Glow color


Fadeout width

Corona width

After glow

Add glowing

Prepare for GIF

Speed (pixels/frame)