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Ctrl + Z


Ctrl + Y


The basic operations provided by the clipboard are Cut, Copy, and Paste. Cut means that the item is removed from the document and copied to the clipboard. Copy leaves the item in the document and copies it to the clipboard. Paste copies the contents of the clipboard to the document. The GIMP makes an intelligent decision about what to paste depending upon the target. If the target is a canvas, the Paste operation uses the image clipboard. If the target is a text entry box, the paste operation uses the text clipboard.

Ctrl + C

Copy selection

[Poznámka] Poznámka

This places a copy of the selection to the GIMP clipboard.

Ctrl Shift + C

Copy visible

Ctrl + X

Cut selection

Ctrl + V

Paste clipboard

[Poznámka] Poznámka

This places the clipboard objects as a floating selection.

Ctrl + Alt + V

Paste in place

Ctrl + Shift + V

Paste as new image

Vyplnit s


Erase selection

Ctrl + ,

Vyplnit barvou popředí

Ctrl + .

Vyplnit barvou pozadí

Ctrl + ;

Vyplnit vzorkem