7.40. Alpha-Schwellwert

The Threshold Alpha… command converts semi-transparent areas of the active layer into completely transparent or completely opaque areas, based on a threshold you set. It only works on layers which have an alpha channel. If the Lock alpha channel option is checked in the Layers Dialog, the filter will have no effect.

This command only works on a single layer.

7.40.1. Aufruf des Befehls

You can access this command

  • From the main menu through LayerTransparencyThreshold Alpha….

7.40.2. Beschreibung des Dialogfensters

Abbildung 16.103. The Threshold Alpha filter options dialog

The „Threshold Alpha“ filter options dialog

Presets, Input Type, Blending Options, Preview, Split view
[Anmerkung] Anmerkung

These options are described in Abschnitt 2, „Gemeinsame Funktionsmerkmale“.


The threshold alpha value determines which values will become transparent or opaque. You can set the transparency value to be used by using the slider or by entering a value between 0 and 1 in the input box. All transparency values above this threshold will become opaque and all transparency values below or equal to this threshold will become completely transparent.

[Anmerkung] Anmerkung

Dieser Befehl macht vollständig transparent Pixel (Alpha = 0) auf keinen Fall deckend.

Abbildung 16.104. Beispiel für Alpha-Schwellwert

Beispiel für „Alpha-Schwellwert“
Alpha-Verlauf (Deckkkraft) von 0 bis 255
Beispiel für „Alpha-Schwellwert“
Mit Schwellwert = 50, 127, 210.