13.9. Paper Tile

13.9.1. Overview

그림 17.297. Papertile filter example.

“Papertile” filter example.

Original image

“Papertile” filter example.

Filter Papertile applied

This filter cuts the image (active layer or selection) into several pieces, with square form, and then slides them so that they, more or less, overlap or move apart. They can go out image borders a little.

13.9.2. Activating the Filter

This filter is found in the main menu under FiltersMapPaper Tile….

13.9.3. Options

그림 17.298. Paper Tile filter options

“Paper Tile” filter options

Presets, Input Type, Clipping, Blending Options, Preview, Split view
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These options are described in 2절. “공통 특징”.

Tile Width, Tile Height

Filter starts cutting image before it displaces pieces; so, piece size and number of pieces in horizontal (Width) and vertical (Height) directions must be convenient to image size.

When these options are linked, tiles are square.

Move rate

This is the maximum displacement percentage against the side size of squares.

Wrap around

As tiles move, some can go out image borders. If this option is checked, what goes out on one side goes in on the opposite side.

Fractional type

Because of image cutting, original pixels can persist. There are three ways treating them:


Remaining pixels will be cut also.


Background Type option is not taken into account and remaining pixels are kept.


Remaining pixels will be replaced with the background type defined in the following section.


If this option is checked, tiles will rather be gathered together in the center of the image.

Background Type

You can select the background type which will be used, if the Background radio-button is checked, among six options:

Inverted image

Background colors will be inverted (255-value in every color channel).


Background will be transparent.


Background colors will be unchanged. The original image is the background.


Remaining pixels will be replaced by the color you can select. Default is the Foreground color of toolbox. You can choose another color using the color button or the color picker.

Random seed

Tile displacement can be done at random.