3.2. Desfazer

If you have made drawing or editing changes to the image which you don't want to keep, the Undo command allows you to undo the last change and return the image to its previous state. Almost anything you do to an image can be undone in this way (with the exception of scripts, which deactivate this function). Further Undo operations may be performed, depending upon the number of Undo levels configured in the System Resources page of the Preferences Dialog. See the section on Undoing for more information about GIMP's very sophisticated Undo functions.

An alternate version of Undo is Strong Undo, which skips changes in visibility of layers etc. This command can be executed by using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+Z.

A operação que foi desfeita não é perdida imediatamente: você pode voltar a ela usando o comando Refazer logo abaixo. Mas se você fizer outra operação, a habilidade do comando Refazer será completamente perdida.

3.2.1. Ativando o comando

  • You can access this command from the main menu through EditUndo,

  • or by using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Z,

  • ou simplesmente clicando no status que você deseja desfazer na janela de histórico do desfazer.