4.9. Odstrani pege

4.9.1. Pregled

This filter is used to remove small defects due to dust, or scratches, on a scanned image, and also moiré effects on image scanned from a magazine. You should select isolated defects before applying this filter, in order to avoid unwanted changes in other areas of your image. The filter replaces each pixel with the median value of the pixels within the specified radius.

4.9.2. Activating the Filter

This filter is found in the image window menu under FiltersEnhanceDespeckle….

4.9.3. Možnosti

Slika 17.46. Despeckle filter options

“Despeckle” filter options


If checked, parameter setting results are interactively displayed in preview.


Adapts the radius to image or selection content by analyzing the histogram of the region around the target pixel. The adapted radius will always be equal to or smaller than the specified radius.


Repeats filter action which gets stronger.


Sets size of action window from 1 (3×3 pixels) to 20 (41×41). This window moves over the image, and the color in it is smoothed, so imperfections are removed.

Raven črnine

Only include pixels brighter than the set value in the histogram (-1-255).

Raven beline

Only include pixels darker than the set value in the histogram (0-256).