第 4 章 What to do if you are stuck


1. Introduction
2. GIMP无响应的常见原因
2.1. 有浮动选区
2.2. 选区被隐藏
2.3. You are acting outside the selection
2.4. 活动可绘制对象不可见
2.5. 活动可绘制对象是透明的
2.6. 您试图在层外操作
2.7. You are trying to act on a layer group
2.8. 图像处于索引颜色模式。
2.9. No visible effect when trying to use a brush, eraser or other tool
2.10. No visible effect when trying to use the move tool, rotate or other transform tool
2.11. 橡皮擦和画笔不起作用
2.12. Eraser does not make area transparent
2.13. Unexpected colors when trying to use a brush or eraser
2.14. The crop tool leaves an empty area after cropping
2.15. I've been waiting for a long time and GIMP is not responding
2.16. General guidelines on what to check if you are stuck
3. How to fix missing windows and dialogs
3.1. All tool windows are missing
3.2. Tool options dialog is missing
3.3. Some of the tool icons are missing
3.4. The area showing the opened images at the top is missing
4. How to fix problems exporting images
4.1. I am exporting to a jpeg image and my transparent area turned white or black
4.2. I am exporting to a gif image and the colors changed

1. Introduction


Well, hold on a second. This happens pretty frequently, even to people who've used GIMP for a long time, but generally the cause is not so hard to figure out and fix if you know where to look. Let's be calm, and go through a checklist that will probably get you GIMPing happily again.