7.8. Merge Layer Groups

The Merge Layer Groups command merges all the layers in the selected layer groups, taking into account the various properties of each group, such as its opacity and layer mode.

The resulting merged layers will be in Normal mode, and will inherit the opacity of the layer groups. If the layers inside a group are not opaque, or if they are in some mode other than Normal, then this command will generally change the appearance of the image.

[Anmerkung] Anmerkung

This command is only visible if the selected layers contain at least one layer group.

7.8.1. Aufruf des Befehls

You can access this command

  • From the main menu through LayerMerge Layer Groups.

  • From the Layers Dialog, you can access it through the Merge Layer Groups command of its context menu, or by Shift clicking on the Merge Down icon button on the bottom of that dialog.