5.10. Ripple

5.10.1. Overview

Figure 17.75. Ripple filter example

“Ripple” filter example

Original image

“Ripple” filter example

Filter Ripple applied

It displaces the pixels of the active layer or selection to waves or ripples reminding a reflection on disturbed water.

5.10.2. Activating the Filter

This filter is found in the main menu under FiltersDistortsRipple….

5.10.3. Options

Figure 17.76. Ripple filter options

“Ripple” filter options

Presets, Input Type, Clipping, Blending Options, Preview, Split view
[Note] Note

These options are described in Section 2, “Common Features”.

Original images for examples

Ripple applied with default options


It is related to wave height (0-200 pixels).

Amplitude = 25


It is related to wavelength (0-200 pixels)

Period = 110

Phase shift

Wave is moved

Phase shift = 0.400


Warps wave

Angle = -40°

Resampling methods

These interpolation methods are described in Interpolation.

Wave type

Choose how the wave should look like:

  • Sawtooth

  • Triangle

  • Sine

Abyss policy

Because ripples cause pixel displacement, some pixels may be missing on the image sides:

Abyss policy = Black

Abyss policy (border management) is treated with Abyss policy.


This preserves the seamless properties if your image is a tile pattern.