8.19. Stretch Contrast HSV

The Stretch Contrast HSV command does the same thing as the Stretch Contrast command, except that it works in HSV color space, rather than RGB color space, and it preserves the Hue. Thus, it independently stretches the ranges of the Hue, Saturation and Value components of the colors. Occasionally the results are good, often they are a bit odd. « Stretch Contrast HSV » operates on layers from RGB and Indexed images. If the image is Grayscale, the menu entry is disabled.

8.19.1. Activating the Command

  • You can access this command from the main menu through ColorsAutoStretch Contrast HSV.

8.19.2. Exemple de « Étendre le Contraste TSV »

Figure 16.165. Image d’origine

Image d’origine

Le calque actif et ses histogrammes Rouge, Vert, Bleu avant traitement.

Figure 16.166. Image traitée

Image traitée

Le calque et ses histogrammes Rouge, Vert, et Bleu, après traitement. Le contraste, la luminosité et les teintes sont accentués.