8.34. Réorganiser la Palette des couleurs

Figure 16.209. La fenêtre « Réorganiser la palette »

La fenêtre « Réorganiser la palette »

This command allows you to re-organize colors in the palette of indexed images. It doesn't modify the image. You can't add or remove colors; for that, see The Indexed Palette Dialog.

[Note] Note

If your image is not indexed, this command is disabled.

8.34.1. Activating the Dialog

You can access this command in two ways:

  • from the main menu: ColorsMapRearrange Colormap.

  • from the Colormap Dialog using the right-click context menu Rearrange Colormap.

8.34.2. Utilisation de la fenêtre de dialogue « Réorganiser la palette »

You can drag and drop colors using the mouse to rearrange the colormap. You can sort colors based on Hue, Saturation and Value by using the right-click pop-up menu.

Figure 16.210. The « Rearrange Colormap » context menu

The « Rearrange Colormap » context menu

[Astuce] Astuce

Another way to sort a colormap is by using the Sort Palette… context menu command available in the Palettes Dialog.