8.23. Extract Component

8.23.1. Overview

Slika 16.175. Extract Component applied

Extract Component applied

Original image

Extract Component applied

Command Extract Component applied with default options.

8.23.2. Activating the Command

  • You can access this command from the main menu through ColorsComponentsExtract Component….

8.23.3. Options

Slika 16.176. Extract Component command options

“Extract Component” command options


Presets are a common feature for several Colors commands. You can find its description in Odjeljak 8.1.1, “Colors Common Features”.


Component to extract. Default is RGB Red: all layer pixels that have the red component in their color will be extracted to create gray pixels; gray pixel value is that of the red channel (e.g a 153;70;17 RGB pixel will give a 153;153;153 gray pixel).


Invert the extracted component.

Linear input

Use linear input instead of gamma corrected.

Blending Options, Preview and Split view

These are common features described in Odjeljak 8.1.1, “Colors Common Features”.