3.9. Variable Blur

3.9.1. Overview

17.26. ábra - The Variable Blur filter

The Variable Blur filter


The Variable Blur filter

Variable Blur applied

Variable Blur blurs the image by a variable amount using a mask set in Aux input. Black in the mask layer will be minimally blurred, and white will be blurred at maximum value.

3.9.2. Options

17.27. ábra - Variable Blur filter dialog options

Variable Blur filter dialog options

Presets, Input Type, Clipping, Blending Options, Preview, Split view
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These options are described in 2. szakasz - Common Features.

Aux input

Here you can set the mask that determines how much a certain area of the input layer will be blurred. Black areas in the mask will result in minimal blurring of the output, and white will be blurred the most.


Maximal blur radius.

Linear mask

If enabled, use linear mask values.

High quality

If enabled, generates more accurate and consistent output, at the cost of being slower.