2.2. Installing Script-Fu scripts

One of the great things about Script-Fu is that you can share your script with all your GIMP friends. There are many scripts that come with GIMP by default, but there are even more available for download online.

  1. If you have downloaded a script, copy or move it to one of GIMP's Scripts folders. The location of these folders can be found in Preferences: FoldersScripts. You can even add a new scripts folder there if that is more convenient for you.

  2. To be able to use the new script without closing GIMP you have to refresh the list of scripts by using FiltersScript-FuRefresh Scripts from the menu. The script will now appear in one of GIMP's menus. If you can't find it, look for it under the Filters menu, or use the command search using /. If it doesn't appear at all, something was wrong with the script (e.g. it contains syntax errors).