14.15. Linear Sinusoid

14.15.1. Overview

그림 17.353. Applying example for the Linear Sinusoid filter

Applying example for the Linear Sinusoid filter

Filter Linear Sinusoid applied

You can find this filter from the main menu through FiltersRenderPatternLinear Sinusoid….

The Linear Sinusoid filter lets you make sinusoidally based textures, with repeating lighter and darker areas based on a number of adjustable parameters.

The results don't depend on the image you opened.

14.15.2. Options

그림 17.354. Linear Sinusoid filter options dialog

“Linear Sinusoid” filter options dialog

Presets, Input Type, Clipping, Blending Options, Preview, Split view
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These options are described in 2절. “공통 특징”.

X Period, Y Period

Low values will increase the amount of repeating patterns, high values will enlarge the repeating patterns.

X Amplitude, Y Amplitude

Low values will cause a blurring effect, higher values make the pattern sharper.

X Phase, Y Phase

This determines the offset where the pattern starts.


This controls the angle at which the pattern is generated.

Offset, Exponent

The value offset and exponent control the relative amount of darker and lighter areas in the pattern.

X Offset, Y Offset

The offset of the X and Y axis.


The rotation angle of the pattern.


The number of samples along each axis per pixel.