7.6. Forankre laget

If you have created a floating selection, a temporary layer, called a «floating layer» or «floating selection», is added to the layer stack. As long as the floating layer persists, you can work only on it. To work on the rest of the image, you must «anchor» the floating layer to the former active layer with the Anchor layer command. If the image does not contain a floating selection, this menu entry is disabled.

[Notat] Notat

Dersom det er eit flytande utvalsverktøy, vil musemarkøren vise eit anker når han er utanfor utvalet.

7.6.1. Aktivering

  • You can access this command from the main menu through LayerAnchor layer,

  • eller med snarvegtastane Ctrl+H.

7.6.2. Andre måtar å forankre eit flytande utval på

Please refer to Del 4.5.3, «Å forankre eit flytande utval»