7.56. Resize Layers to Selection

The Resize Layers to Selection command resizes the selected layers to the boundary of the selection by removing any strips at the edge whose contents are all completely unselected. Areas which are partially selected (for example, by feathering) are not resized.

If there is no selection, this menu entry is disabled.

Figura 16.124. Applying Resize Layers to Selection

Applying “Resize Layers to Selection”

À esquerda: antes de aplicar o comando, a camada tem uma seleção que tem bordas enevoadas.

À direita: após aplicar o comando, os pixels não transparentes não são cortados, mesmo que sejam apenas semi-transparentes.

7.56.1. Ativando o comando

You can access this command

  • From the main menu through LayerResize Layers to Selection.