13.7. Panorama Projection

13.7.1. Prezentare generală

This filter converts a 360° x 180° image, also known as equirectangular image, into a panorama.

13.7.2. Activating the Filter

This filter is found in the main menu under FiltersMapPanorama Projection….

13.7.3. Opțiuni

Fig. 17.292. Opțiuni ale filtrului Proiecție panoramă

Opțiuni ale filtrului „Proiecție panoramă”

These options are the same as Secțiune 13.6, „Little Planet” options.

13.7.4. Key Modifiers

Click and drag to pan.

Shift + Click and drag to rotate.

Ctrl + Click and drag to pan with a constrained axis.

Alt + Click and drag to zoom.

13.7.5. Using Panorama Projection filter

Of course, you can get only a part of the original image in your panorama. The first thing you have to do is creating a new image with the size of your future panorama. Then, open the original image.

Parc_de_Belleville,_Paris_June_2007.jpg by Alexandre Duret-Lutz under CC by-sa 4.0

GIMP opened this 4000×2000 pixels original image in a 1000×500 px frame at zoom 12.5. This is a screenshot scaled to 400×200 px.

Open the Panorama Projection filter. Only the central part of the image is visible. Pan across the image to find your panorama using the Pan option or click and dragging. You can zoom in to have a wider view.

Fig. 17.293. Filtrul Proiecție panoramă aplicat

Filtrul „Proiecție panoramă” aplicat

Pan = 0.00

Filtrul „Proiecție panoramă” aplicat

Pan = 66.00