10.3. Re-Show Last

The Re-Show Last command shows the dialog of the most recently executed plug-in. Unlike the Repeat Last command, which does not display a dialog, the Re-Show Last command displays a dialog window, if the plug-in has one. It is displayed with the settings you used the last time you ran the plug-in (assuming that the plug-in follows the GIMP programming conventions).

[Notă] Notă

Rețineți că această comandă repetă cel mai recent executat modul, indiferent dacă este sau nu în meniul filtre.

[Indicație] Indicație

When you are using a plug-in, especially one that does not have a preview window, you may very well have to adjust the parameters several times before you are satisfied with the results. To do this most efficiently, you should memorize the shortcuts for Undo and Re-Show Last: Ctrl+Z followed by Ctrl+Shift+F.

10.3.1. Activarea comenzii

  • You can access this command from the main menu through Filters Re-Show filter ,

  • sau utilizând comanda rapidă de la tastatură Ctrl+Shift+F.