6.16. Показ

Рисунок 15.99. Налаштування показу

Налаштування показу

This page lets you customize the way transparent parts of an image are represented, and lets you recalibrate the resolution of your monitor.

6.16.1. Параметри


Стиль клітинок

By default, GIMP indicates transparency using a checkerboard pattern with mid-tone checks, but you can change this if you want, either to a different type of checkerboard, or to solid black, white, or gray.

Розмір клітинок

Here you can alter the size of the squares in the checkerboard pattern used to indicate transparency.

Рисунок 15.100. The Calibration dialog

The Calibration dialog

Роздільність монітора

Monitor Resolution is the ratio of pixels, horizontally and vertically, to inches. You have three ways to proceed here:

  • Get Resolution from windowing system. (easiest, probably inaccurate).

  • Встановити вручну

  • Push the Calibrate Button.

The Calibrate Dialog

My monitor was impressively off when I tried the Calibrate Dialog. The «Calibrate Game» is fun to play. You will need a soft ruler.